Best Hair Epilators Review

The Advantages of Hair Removal


There are many people particularly women who spend the time, effort, and money just to remove the unwanted hair. There are others who do it because of cosmetic reasons so that they can improve their beauty and others do it for hygienic purposes. It is not difficult to remove unwanted hair. Some of these methods are waxing, shaving, applying depilatory creams, laser treatments, and other hair removal devices. However there is no permanent hair removal. Even if you destroy all your hair follicles, you hair will still regenerates into new ones which is why hair will grow again. There are many ways to manage this like the following:


Shaving is when you remove hair from the surface of the skin by a razor. It is one of the cheapest and fastest ways to get rid of unwanted hair. Even if it is quick and painless, you need to maintain it because it will just last from one to two days, and you will see your hair growing again.


Waxing can be traced back in history. During the Egyptian civilization, they used sugar, honey, and lime syrup to get rid of hair. This is still practiced in the whole world until now. The good thing about waxing is it pulls up the hair from the roots. Thus, the hair will not grow back again longer unlike with shaving. However, it is painful. Sometimes, it may lead you to get wax burn and allergic reactions. Those who have low pain tolerance and sensitive skin, this is not recommended.


You may also use depilatory creams. The creams have chemicals that break down the hair structure. It weakens the hair so that it will be removed as soon as the depilatory cream is wiped off. The good thing about this is it is fast and painless. However, most of the depilatory creams have strong chemicals, which may also lead to skin reactions like allergies and itchiness. Some people cannot tolerate to its strong smell. Learn more about hair removal at


Lastly, there is laser hair removal. It is the newest method using the high technology. It is hygienic and painless method of removing hair. It is done by laser energy to produce heat in the hair which will make the hair follicles go to resting phase. Even if it is one of the best ways to remove hair, it also comes with several disadvantages. It is expensive and not everybody can afford it. You may need to have more than one session to achieved its result. There are several treatments which means you also need to pay differently. It may also work best to light-skinned people. After a few weeks, you may still see hair growing back even if you have went laser. Know the Best Epilator 2017: 5 Best Epilators for Face Legs here!